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TestimonialsBarnes Jewish Hospital Ė St. Louis, Missouri

Barnes-Jewish Hospital has consistently used the services of Healthcare Security Consultants to make sure that we are following the national best practices for healthcare security. During our recent security assessment, not only did we get Tom's time, energy, and expertise, we received an excellent product in return that represents the professional quality that has been a trademark of Healthcare Security Consultants.

Our goal is to be a leader in healthcare security, and Tom's report gave us an honest assessment of our current state and insightful feedback on where we can improve. We have always been impressed by the professional product offered by Healthcare Security Consultants and Tom Smith continues to be an industry leader in healthcare security.

One of the new features we tried for our 2015 assessment was the pre-assessment employee opinion survey. It gave us (and Tom) some great insight about what concerns our nurses, patient care techs, and unit secretaries have about safety on our campus, and in many instances it affirmed the quality of our current state, as well as giving Tom a starting point for his many discussions with our clinical staff about their impressions of workplace violence on our campus. Not only did we get Tom's time, energy, and expertise, we received an excellent product in return that represents the professional quality that has been a trademark of Healthcare Security Consultants. I am confident that when Joint Commission comes to visit our hospital in early 2016 that we are prepared to once again show that we are leaders in medicine (and hospital security).

Michael R. Lauer
Director of Operations
Department of Public Safety
Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Children's Hospital Boston - Boston, MA

"We recently put out an RFP for Security consulting services for our #1 in the nation pediatric hospital. After careful review we selected Healthcare Security Consultants. Tom Smith came to our hospital and did a comprehensive review and assessment of our security program. He spent time with a variety of hospital administrators, and clinical personnel, and visited the campus off-hours to speak with hospital personnel. The result was a detailed, informative, and professional assessment.

We were very impressed and Tomís extensive knowledge of healthcare security and compliance regulations including those of CMS and The Joint Commission. The tools he has left us with will form the basis of our security business plan for the future. In fact, we have already begun implementing recommendations contained in the report.

I highly recommend Tom and Healthcare Security Consultants."

Robert Ryan CPP, CHPA
Director of Security & Transportation
Children's Hospital Boston
Boston, MA


"Tom reached out to me at a luncheon as I was forced to sit alone at an adjacent table. His simple kindness opened up conversation about each other, our organizations and issues addressed in the conference. When I returned to my organization, I completed research on similar firms as I was looking to engage someone in an organizational risk assessment. People were very happy with his services, he was very responsive and complete in his proposal and instilled confidence.

I like HSC services because they had the breadth and depth of experience to relate to my staff (from officers to detectives to dispatchers). They visited every site and came in on off hours to be thorough. They were great communicators during the process with an early morning update to keep me abreast of the findings."

Debbie Bonzak, F.A.C.H.E
Former, Director - Protective Services
Cleveland, Ohio

Conway Medical Center - Conway, South Carolina

"Hospitals are facing ever more challenging and evolving security threats. Protecting our staff, patients and visitors from these threats is challenging. Conway Medical Center (CMC) is passionate about reducing risks and creating a safe environment. To aid us in our efforts, over time CMC has implemented procedures, increased staffing and installed advanced technology. However, our Administrative Team proactively sought the input of a consulting professional who could audit our facility to determine if we have addressed all risk mitigation needs.

We reached out to Tom Smith with Healthcare Security Consultants and selected him as our consultant of choice. Tom spent four days on the CMC campus. We appreciated his service and attention to detail. We respected his ability to effectively communicate his ideas and concerns as well as his receptiveness to listen to our specific suggestions and requests as well. Most importantly, Tom Smith demonstrated a passion and commitment to ensure that CMC has and will continue to provide a secure environment. Based on our experience, we have no hesitation in recommending Tom Smith and Healthcare Security Consultants."

Kevin W. Lovett, FACHE
Vice President, Facilities and Operations
Conway Medical Center
Conway, South Carolina

WellStar Health System Ė Marietta, Georgia

"WellStar Health System recently contracted with Healthcare Security Consultants, Inc., to conduct a comprehensive security assessment of our five hospitals to include WellStar Kennestone Regional Medical Center (anchored by WellStar Kennestone Hospital) and WellStar Cobb, Douglas, Paulding and Windy Hill hospitals. Fred Roll, President and Principle Consultant, and Thomas Smith spent several days on our campuses evaluating the security program, meeting with healthcare leaders, physicians, nurses, and employees. They encouraged them to speak candidly and openly in order to address any general safety or security concerns they may have and specifically any concerns with the security program. The feedback from our staff was very positive. Fred and Tomís observations proved most helpful and reassuring.

Within days of completing the reviews, we received a final written report listing numerous recommendations in which to improve our program. Their comments and recommendations were both thought provoking and insightful. I enthusiastically recommend the services of Healthcare Security Consultants, Inc., to anyone needing a comprehensive, cutting edge, professional security program review."

Kirk Walsh, CHPA, CPP, CFE
Executive Director Security & Parking Services
WellStar Health System

St. Mary's Hospital - Madison, WI

"We recently invited Fred Roll to review our security process at our hospital. We are a 450 bed hospital located in Madison, Wisconsin. Fred has extensive knowledge in healthcare security and compliance regulations. He was professional and detailed as he conducted a complete walk through of the hospital, off-site Renal Center and our stand alone Emergency Center. His observations/recommendations will form the basis of our security plan for the future. In fact, we have already begun implementing recommendations contained in his report.

Fredís final report was detailed professionally done and more importantly useful and I would highly recommend Fred and his organization if you need a safety/security review."

Paul Huemmer
Director of Security Services
St. Mary's Hospital
Madison, WI

Cookeville Regional Medical Center - Cookeville, Tennessee

"Following an RFP process and telephone interviews, we selected Fred Roll to perform an assessment of our overall safety as well as our Security Department. Without hesitation, I can recommend Fred to any healthcare facility for the following reasons: highly qualified via education and experience; extremely thorough and timely; observes hospital operations with a focus on Security Sensitive Areas during day and night conditions; straight forward style, not influenced by "private agendas"; understands HCAPS, applicable regulations, use of force and the need to balance with excellent customer service; provides the experience of surveying over 400 hospitals, thus seeing and sharing best practices; provides insight and recommendations about best use of technology to enhance overall safety; and excellent communicator, handles himself well at all levels including Board of Trustees."

Dave Riddell
Vice President for Support Services
Cookeville Regional Medical Center
Cookeville, Tennessee

Presbyterian Hospital - Albuquerque, New Mexico

"I recently invited Fred Roll from Healthcare Security Consultants to conduct a security program review for us at Presbyterian Hospital services in New Mexico. Fred was very easy to get along with and made the process very educational. Fred took the time to meet with staff from all shifts and he made them feel comfortable and important.

Fred provides a fresh look at the program and with his vast knowledge and experience provides improvements and recommendations both in technology and procedures. Fred understands the budget constraints that healthcare organizations are going through so as he was looking at our programs his recommendations for improvement were made with this in mind.

On the final day of the visit he met with the hospital attorney and administration for a formal review of his findings and discussed areas of opportunity. As I received the final report there were no surprises from what he had said through the whole visit. We have now started working on the recommendations that he provided to us in a very easy to track work plan provide by him.

I found Fred very easy and honest to work with. I highly recommend Fred and Healthcare Security Consultants."

Paul Sandoval
Director of Security
Presbyterian Hospital
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Cook Children's Medical Center - Ft. Worth, Texas

"Fred recently came to Fort Worth, Texas and conducted a Security program review and campus assessment for us here at Cook Childrenís Medical Center. Fred made this an easy process from the beginning, from scheduling the visit, scheduling the tasks performed during the visit and his eagerness to attend meetings and talk to leaders about security in their respective areas.

Fred has a great deal of knowledge in many areas, from technology, to his in depth knowledge of infant abduction, and his understanding of Emergency department dynamics and workplace violence issues.

Fred provides a fresh set of eyes and tends to see things that sometimes we overlook as we see these things every day.

On the final day, Fred presented me with a comprehensive program review complete with several recommendations and a recommendation tracking tool that is very user friendly. We are now working on implementing some of the recommendations and evaluating all recommendations. Fred also follows up to see how things are going after the visit. I highly recommend Fred and value his honesty and straight forward opinions and recommendations."

David B. Hollar, CHPA
Director of Security
Cook Children's Medical Center
801 7th Avenue
Ft. Worth, Texas 76116

University of New Mexico Hospitals - Albuquerque, NM

"The University of New Mexico Hospitals contracted with Healthcare Security Consultants to conduct a complete review of our Security program. We had experienced someone discharging a firearm on campus and wanted to ensure we were taking every reasonable approach to protecting our patients, visitors and staff.

Mr. Roll took a fresh look at our program. He reinforced the areas we were strong in and pointed out some great opportunities for improvement. The tools Mr. Roll provided us were instrumental keeping us moving in the right direction. We prioritized his recommendations and moved forward. One of the recommendations we started with was creating a "Safety Awareness" handout for our staff. This was a great tool to provide educational opportunities for our staff and bring a positive look at the Security Department."

Felix L. Funes
Manager of Security Operations
Albuquerque, NM

Doylestown Hospital - Doylestown, PA

"We recently invited HSC to review our security process at our hospital. We are a suburban 300 bed hospital outside of Philadelphia. Fred brought a wealth of knowledge to the table as we began our review process. The review of documentation was very in-depth and complete, with follow up suggestions for complete standards compliance. Fred conducted a complete walk through of the hospital for a realistic overview of the operation of our facility.

On the final day of the visit, we met formally to review the findings and discussed options for improvement. The final written report is now in use as we work through the plans and policies updates. Along with the recommendations in the final report, HSC provides information on the latest technology which could be of service for improving the safety of our facility. Several of these items are presently under consideration.

We were pleased with our experience with HSC and would recommend their services to healthcare facilities seeking information on safety/security review and upgrade."

Thomas Smith B.S., HEM
Safety/Security Mgr.
Doylestown Hospital
Doylestown, PA

Holy Spirit Healthcare System - Camp Hill, PA

"I was fortunate to convince our administration to authorize an outside objective security evaluation of our facilities. We contracted with Healthcare Security Consultants, Inc. to provide this service. This process resulted in an educational process for me, my staff and managers of the various departments visited throughout the review.

A number of opportunities for improvements were identified to enhance our security program. Mr. Roll was also able to convince our administration that they should consider a re-organization of department from having a manager reporting to Risk Management to a director level department reporting to administration. We were also fortunate enough to secure enhanced security staffing levels as well as moving to a one-call-center for better dispatching and monitoring of our upgraded CCTV system.

I found the overall experience of using Healthcare Security Consultants, Inc. very rewarding both personally and professionally since Mr. Roll gave me the push I needed to secure my CHPA. The review has also identified additional recommendations that will allow us to continue to improve over the next several years.

Any facility that is considering a security assessment would be greatly served by contracting with Healthcare Security Consultants, Inc. Mr. Rollís knowledge of the industry allows him to provide the most reasonable and effective practices to you most challenging opportunities."

Tom Mason
Director of Safety, Security, and Emergency Management
Holy Spirit Healthcare System
Camp Hill, PA
Deaconess Health System

"Deaconess Health System recently contracted Healthcare Security Consultants to conduct an extensive security assessment of our entire Health System. This was the second assessment and it has been approximately some 6 years since the last consultation. Fred's expertise and extensive experience were the driving factors behind the Administrationís desire and subsequent approval for this second assessment.

Fred was extremely thorough in his assessment, interviews and suggestions. He went over and above to spend additional time in educating the management staff in current trends and procedures utilized throughout the Healthcare Industry. His knowledge has proven extremely beneficial to our organization. His no nonsense and down to earth way of presenting information that could be understood at every level is what sets him apart from the field.

At the conclusion of the consultation Fred took time to go over his findings allowing us to implement many of the minor adjustments. When we received the final report from Fred it was returned to us in an extremely timely fashion and was very well put together. Not only did he indicate what needed to be addressed but the reference that justified that recommendation. The tracking system he sent to us will be of upmost importance and critical in addressing our security needs. Overall Fredís visit and recommendations will be a key factor to providing the safety and security to our staff, visitors and patients. His professionalism and knowledge led us to talking to Fred about a return trip for another area of importance and security. Great experience and knowledge was garnered from this industry professional."

Randy Gentry
Environmental Safety Officer
Deaconess Health System

University Community Hospital - Tampa, Florida

"Our hospital recently contracted with Healthcare Security Consultants for a security review of our facility. We are a 475 bed facility on a 45 acre campus in a high crime area. We have a Womenís Center, Heart Center and numerous out buildings.

I feel very fortunate that we selected HSC, and that Fred Roll conducted the review. Fred introduced some ideas and concepts that were very enlightening. Fred is without question the most knowledgeable healthcare security expert Iíve ever encountered. His genuine concern for the security of our facility was very evident in every phase of the review.

I was also very appreciative of the final report that was detailed and very professionally done. I strongly recommend Healthcare Security Consultants and Fred Roll to any healthcare facility in need of a security review. Please contact me with any questions pertaining to HSC. I am in the IAHSS Directory."

Robert Dormany
Security Manager
University Community Hospital
Tampa, Florida

Memorial Health System - Colorado Springs, Colorado

"We recently used Healthcare Security Consultants to conduct an extensive security assessment of our entire Health System, including two full service hospitals and several off-site clinics and medical office buildings. We had been aware of Fred Rollís companyís excellent reputation, and Fredís individual expertise and experience for some time, so we were anxious to engage him in this project.

Fred exceeded our already high expectations. His initial proposal was detailed and surprisingly affordable. The entire survey, from an initial briefing with members of our executive team, to afterhours interviews with clinical and support staff, was thorough ,professional and extremely insightful. He communicated effectively with our clinical managers, speaking the language they thoroughly understood, i.e. what are the highest priority changes we need to make and at the lowest possible cost. His vast experience and engaging manner also quickly gained the confidence of our security staff, opening lines for productive communication.

At the conclusion of the survey, HSC left us with a comprehensive report detailing suggested security improvements and risk mitigation strategies. We were also provided a well designed tracking system for all the recommendations, and several policy exemplars , research documents, and vendor references dealing with issues that we had discussed during this exceptionally valuable week.

We have already begun addressing several of the recommendations pointed out in the survey, and are developing improvement plans that will encompass many of the rest in subsequent months. Iím confident that Fredís work will enable us to move an already good security operation to a higher level than we could have achieved without his remarkable knowledge, insight and experience. I would recommend Healthcare Security Consultants to any hospital that is intending to maintain its security operations at the highest level in these very challenging times."

Pat McElderry, MPA
Director, Security and Emergency Preparedness
Memorial Health System
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Boulder Community Hospital - Boulder, Colorado

January 30, 2011

"I am writing this testimonial to recommend Healthcare Security Consultants, Inc. HSC performed a very thorough and professional survey of two of our hospitals in December of 2010. During the course of this survey, all facets of our security apparatus were very carefully scrutinized. Employees were interviewed on various shifts, and site visits were conducted at odd hours. Hospital employees were given the opportunity to completely express their thoughts and concerns. I believe it would be very difficult to ascertain with more precision the state of security for our organization.

At the end of the survey, HSC provided the most comprehensive security risk assessment this organization has ever experienced. This document is positively jam packed with cost-effective and useful ideas to positively impact the security system for our hospitals. We will have the ability using the tools that HSS provided to improve our operations for years to come. Additionally, as a value-added service, Mr. Fred Roll, who conducted the survey, re-visited our facility to formally present his assessment in person to our hospital decision-makers.

I would whole-heartedly recommend HSC to any organization that desires to improve its security operations."

Chuck Merritt, MS, MT(ASCP), CSP
Manager, Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness
Boulder Community Hospital
Boulder, Colorado

St. Dominic Hospital - Jackson, Mississippi

"We engaged Healthcare Security Consultants, Inc. to provide a security assessment of our hospital as well as our retirement village. Mr. Roll spent a significant amount of time onsite and was thorough, competent, and easy to work with. His knowledge of available technology and its application(s) was extremely beneficial.

His ideas and comments were thoughtful and the experience he has was evident. The final report was again thorough, assimilated in an easy to use format, and contained references to adjunctive vendors / products. His follow-up was helpful as well. We were very pleased with the experience and would definitely use the services of Healthcare Security Consultants, Inc. again."

Dennis Wilson, RN
Director, Safety and Security
St. Dominic Hospital
Jackson, Mississippi

Chesapeake Regional Medical Center - Chesapeake, VA

"Chesapeake Regional Medical Center had utilized the services of Roll Enterprises, Inc. in 2007 to conduct a security assessment or our campus. Mr. Rollís 2007 visit enlightened us to some security issues concerning our daily operations and some specific problems arising in security sensitive areas. We immediately began addressing those issues utilizing the information and analysis provided by Mr. Roll.

Recently our facility completed a major multi-million dollar renovation to our emergency department and other various departments around the hospital. With the increase in the level of violence occurring in healthcare facilities around the country, Chesapeake Regional Medical Center contacted Mr. Roll and requested he make a second visit and update his previous assessment and recommendations for our facility and campus.

In October 2010, Mr. Roll completed the new assessment. Mr. Roll was very diligent and noted that we had implemented many of his previous recommendations from his first visit. The new assessment is also very detailed and makes note of specific issues to be addressed. The final report includes a tracking document to prioritize, assign and track the progress of each of Mr. Rollís observations and recommendations. The analysis also provides us with insight to forecast any future needs of our Security Department.

The opportunity to work with Roll Enterprises, Inc. and Mr. Roll so closely for this assessment was very informative and professional. Mr. Roll also assisted me in getting to attend an IAHSS educational conference in Kissimmee, Florida, giving me exposure as a new Security Manager, to meet, interact and develop contacts with my peers."

Patrick Lewis
Manager, Safety & Security
Chesapeake Regional Medical Center
736 Battlefield Blvd., North
Chesapeake, VA 23320

Georgetown University Hospital

"Just recently Fred conducted an extensive Security Program Review, here at Georgetown University Hospital. Fred was a true professional. He was totally honest on what his mission was, explained the program and how he was going to conduct the assessment. . Fred was organized and was able to visit a number of units and talk to the staff. His expertise on healthcare was very evident to the hospital staff, and his review of their procedures was greatly appreciated. After reading his report, I feel very comfortable in implementing his recommendations and taking my security operations to the next level. I am very impressed with Roll Enterprises, and would recommend them to any Security Professional, again, thanks Fred for a job well done."

John Bertolotti
Director of Security
Georgetown University Hospital

Safety and Emergency Preparedness - San Fernando, CA

"I have known of Fred Roll and his company for many years. As a long standing IAHSS member I have heard many positive compliments about Fred and his company, but was always most impressed with his outstanding reputation in healthcare Security. When I looked into companies to conduct Risk Assessments at our San Fernando Valley Hospitals, Fred and his company were at the top of my list. When I asked for a competitive bid I was pleasantly surprised at Fred's ability to work with me within my budget and to save some money on combining assessments and reducing travel expenses.

Fred's assessments were detailed, professional and had specific items that we could immediately implement. This was exactly what we needed. I was also very thankful for the time he spent explaining security issues and that his solutions were very practical to implement. This is often not the case when I have dealt with other professionals or local law enforcement. A great bonus to this process was the tracking tool which is making the implementation of the assessment easy to manage. I highly recommend Fred's company for Security Assessments."

Steven Storbakken
San Fernando Service Area
Director of Safety and Emergency Preparedness

University of Arkansas For Medical Sciences - Little Rock, AR

"I asked Fred to take a two phased look at my campus. UAMS has doubled in size to nearly 4 million square feet in the past 10 years and a comprehensive security evaluation of the main campus was overdue. The first visit was to flush out security issues we had after opening the new hospital and Psychiatric Research Institute early in 2008. The next month we had him back to complete the review for the rest of campus. Fred was a quick study and his recommendations have given us new insight to campus safety. Fred was able to professionally communicate with the diverse population in the healthcare, bio and life sciences and higher education departments and left us with excellent recommendations for improvement in all areas."

Mark Kenneday
Vice Chancellor, Campus Operations
University of Arkansas For Medical Sciences
4301 W. Markham St. #575
Little Rock, AR 72205
(501) 686-5684 w
(501) 551-4054 c
(501) 686-5100 f

"Fred organized and executed an extremely effective assessment of our hospital's security program, from bottom to top. He analyzed every dimension of the program including our policies and procedures, our access controls and monitors, and our coordination with hospital staff in our high-security areas. Everyone he met with, from Nursing staff to Security officers, reported Fred's session facilitation as thorough and very impressive. His final report was very effectively organized, aligned with appropriate regulatory requirements, and immediately useful in helping identify improvements and take action."

Kevin Crain

Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center - Pomona, CA

"Upon taking the position of Director of Security at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, I was immediately labored with the re-organization of the department. I had retired from the Pomona Police Department after 33-1/2 years and had worked as a supervisor and manager for two-thirds of those years. In a short time I realized that a Hospital environment required a completely different standard of rules and principles.

Other than using the resources of those in the Hospital for guidance, I learned that prior to my arrival a security assessment had been completed by Mr. Fred Roll. This instrument with Fredís findings and recommendations served as an absolute guide and validation for my requests for those needed changes in security.

As in any other work place there was a need within our Hospital for an independent security assessment that could be used to make needed improvement. Without hesitation Mr. Fred Roll was again tasked with that assignment. Fredís attention to detail, thoroughness, current knowledge of the Hospital needs, requirements and timeliness of his final report will again serve us well.

Without hesitation I would recommend Mr. Fred Rollsí services to help set a standard of security within the work place which would help to provide a safer and more secure environment."

Thank you,
Louie Hernandez
Director of Security
Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center

North Central Baptist Hospital - San Antonio, Texas

"I was fortunate to have Regional and Corporate support to engage Fred Roll Enterprises (Health Care Security Consultants) for a great 3rd party assessment of our security on our campus. North Central Baptist Hospital is a growing hospital in the northside of San Antonio and we were beginning to have events that alarmed both leadership and staff.

Fred spent 3 days reviewing our building and our campus to make recommendations to help address and improve our security deployment in the most effective and efficient ways. He reviewed our hospital during and after business hours, reviewed policies and procedures and spoke with staff to get a clear sense of the complex. His recommendations are detailed, helpful and timely. He is able to give a sense of quick fixes and those to work for over time.

The Healthcare Security Consultants will now be visiting other Baptist hospitals in San Antonio! Thanks Fred!"

Lynn Falcone, COO
North Central Baptist Hospital
San Antonio, Texas


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